Microsoft’s Completely Boss Challenge Promotes SMBs In India

imagesMicrosoft today announced the top three winners for the Completely Boss Challenge, giving them the opportunity to have the 5-year growth plans for their businesses developed by industry experts. The initiative is India’s first platform to reward and celebrate outstanding business leaders from the thriving mid-market sector, wherein 2500 CEOs from across 7 cities (Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai) contested in three rounds of the competition.

The Completely Boss Challenge is a unique opportunity for leaders, CEOs and directors of midsize businesses to highlight their achievements. The winners get a chance to have Microsoft (technology), LinkedIn (talent), (media), WebChutney (marketing), DOOR (business consulting) and CRISIL SME Ratings (knowledge) develop robust 5-year business growth plans for their companies.

A very enthusiastic Paresh Tulsidas Parekh from Ahmedabad said, “This has been a great experience for me and glad to be amongst the top 3 winners. I would like to thank Microsoft for creating such a unique platform and look forward to working with the jury to prepare our 5-year business growth plan.

It’s awesome to be amongst the top 3 winners and that too in a competition like this which is a first-of-its-kind. It has been a tough competition wherein CEOs of midsize businesses gave their best shot, thus it is all the more exciting to win against such good competitors,” said Gaddam Ranjith Reddy from Hyderabad.

Delighted Uday Purohit from Mumbai said, “Microsoft’s Completely Boss Challenge, targeted towards the mid-market segment, is a great platform for SMBs to showcase their unique business models. The competition opens up a whole new dimension for our business.

Ramkumar Pichai, GM – Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Microsoft programs like the Completely Boss Challenge will enable SMBs to create, foster and grow innovative business models that have a positive impact on their communities and at the same time are crucial to India’s economic growth.