HP Secures Data Migration To The Cloud

imagesWith the explosion of data in the enterprise and the ability to use as-a-service storage models, important security-level practices are undermined and organizations lose sight of potential threats. In the absence of these standards, IT teams are struggling to identify and assess potential risks, opening their organizations to catastrophic security breaches.

The new HP Cloud Security Risk and Controls Advisory Services, part of the HP Converged Cloud Professional Services Suite, deliver choice, confidence and consistency to customers by combining expertise from across HP, supporting the management of data risk, identification of vulnerabilities and maintenance of compliance with IT governance. This provides clients with solutions that protect their information before it migrates to or from the cloud, whether it is a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid deployment. As a result, organizations can reassign IT resources from spending time on manual tasks to focusing on innovation.

Cloud computing is pushing the boundaries of the enterprise, expanding the attack surface and making it nearly impossible to monitor for vulnerabilities,” said Marshal Correia, Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Services India. “HP Cloud Security Risk and Controls Advisory Services create the framework to maintain information security, aid breach management and facilitate legal and regulatory compliance, so clients can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud with confidence.

HP Cloud Security Risk and Controls Advisory Service provides a full-day HP workshop and online tools that measure the maturity of existing security controls, enabling clients to assess viability of workloads in a cloud environment. Additionally, access to best practices and technology from the world’s leading security providers—including HP ArcSight, HP TippingPoint, HP Fortify, HP Atalla and HP Autonomy—provides clients with a deep understanding of their cloud security risks without investing the time or money to recruit and train IT security staff.

With a risk-based approach to cloud preparation and migration, organizations can develop a clear strategy that delivers a smooth transition to the cloud. HP cloud security services and software are designed to reduce complexity, identify vulnerabilities and help enterprises maintain compliance.

Coupling the new HP Cloud Security Risk and Controls Advisory Services with existing HP Threat and Vulnerability Consulting Services, clients can establish security protocols for the migration to a cloud environment and monitor for threats while running applications in the cloud. HP Threat and Vulnerability Consulting Services leverage offers a robust solution to help clients establish appropriate vulnerability scanning and testing protocols. Together, the services fortify the integrity of cloud deployments, supporting the efforts of clients to realize the benefits of cloud computing with more of their critical applications.

For cloud services providers (CSPs) looking to extend monitoring capabilities to their customers, HP offers the HP Cloud Common Event Format P Standards. The software builds on HP ArcSight Cloud Common Event Format (CEF) with a set of industry standards to promote a secure, scalable approach for collection of log and event data from cloud environments. The implementation of the HP Cloud CEF Standard allows clients to obtain visibility to activity, improve security and supports compliance requirements.