Microsoft Warns Android Users of Latest Ransomware

Microsoft unveils Windows 365 — ushering in a new category of computing

Microsoft unveils Windows 365 — ushering in a new category of computing

The tech giant Microsoft is accountable for tracing and dealing with potentially risky malware on their own Windows OS. Nevertheless, Microsoft has claimed that the company is trying to use the expertise to deliver benefits to OS beyond its own. As per the firm’s cybersecurity blog, users of android should be aware of the latest and budding malware that aims at the operating systems.

As stated by the company in their official blog, they have identified a piece of a predominantly sophisticated Android ransomware with new methods and behavior, demonstrating the speedy progress of mobile terrorizations that have also been detected on other platforms as well.

Microsoft claims that this novel mobile ransomware was detected by the firm’s Defender for Endpoint as AndroidOS/MalLocker.B. This new-fangled malware is the latest option of a ransomware family that’s been in the wild for a long time but has been sprouting non-stop.

This is known that the new malware is spread through online forums that are available on arbitrary websites. The new malware is especially hazardous because the firm has claimed that in spite of being hateful in many ways, it was able to escape the prevailing protections and displayed a low detection rate against security explanations.

This latest malware is not going to block the access from its users to the files, rather it is only going to block access to the device. It will happen by displaying a screen that will appear over every other window, such that people couldn’t do anything else. On the screen, the ransom note indicates the potential threats and it also offers instructions to pay for the ransom.

The company has claimed that malware uses Android features to showcase this ransom note and it has been the 1st time that the firm’s cybersecurity experts have come across this kind of a virus. This too integrates a machine learning module which is an open-source designed especially for context-aware cropping of the ransom note.