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Chingari Join Forces with NH Studioz

India’s number 1 short video app, Chingari has announced a collaboration with the theatrical distribution vertical, NH Studioz to distribute Indian cinema worldwide. With this latest collaboration, the short video sharing app has also announced the launch of films. These films will be presented on 11th October 2020, as a tribute to the Indian Bollywood legendary, Shri Amitabh Bacchan. The platform will be showcasing or running his blockbuster films.

The latest pact with the theatrical distribution vertical is in line with Chingari’s efforts to team up with numerous entertainment platforms to provide more entertainment modes on its social media application. It has 1400 titles of libraries. Its Multiplex will screen a free pack of Amitabh Bacchan’s hits such as Hum, Shaan, Lal Badshah, Sarkar, Kohram, and many other films.

The theatrical distribution vertical was introduced in Google Play Store in 2018’s November. The platform gained fame and recognition after the government of India banned TikTok, which is a short video sharing platform from china in the country. The push for Indian firms helped platforms one of which is Chingari to gather millions of downloads. As per the firm, the application has gathered over thirty million installs from Indian users as of 2020 September.


Image from NH Studioz

The Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of the application Chingari also described his views on the deal and said that the partnership is vital for Chingari, as it will take them closer to the users and make them more user-friendly and help them in understanding user’s interests. Most of the population in the country is still addicted to watching films and enjoying revisiting the old classics. The company has felt that if they make an enhancement to the product it will have a good impact on millions of users. It will also improve their associations with the users and create a powerful bond with their users.

The director of NH Studioz has too said that the company has the largest content house with a huge library of films which ranges from features that are produced in the 1930s to 2017s with more than fourteen hundred film titles. The partnership with the short video sharing application will help NH Studioz to reach out to a broader audience and it will also provide them an opportunity to showcase their library. NH Studioz’s ideas are to generate a bank that will give viewers a chance to watch any Bollywood film that has ever been made.

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