Microsoft To Roll Out Lumia 930 In Asia This Week

download (2)While the  Nokia Lumia  has exposed online in India, it has at current not beat pre-order yet. For those who already possess a brand new Lumia 930, well there is a problem and it has to do with a piece of hardware that you simply cannot disregard the display.

Many Lumia owners are complaining that their brand new phones show a purple tint, so the blacks don’t look black. This is because black is the central background colour and is present almost all over in the Windows Phone UI.

But it seems that there is a quick stick for this. As points out, one can simply go to setting and fiddle with the built-in display calibration software that comes in every Lumia 930. You head to Settings > Display > Adjust Colour profile and move the Tint slider from Neutral to Green.

Microsoft is conscious of the issue. “Microsoft Devices is taking value issues on our products very critically. To address the possible concerns with Lumia 930 display, we have recalled some test samples from the Norwegian market to be investigated added in our R/D site in Finland,” the company said in a official statement.

yet next, it is an annoying issue with the most worn piece of hardware on the smartphone and hopefully does not need a hardware stick.

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