10 key qualities for professionals, especially in IT.

There are several qualities that separate one professional from the other. This is more obvious in the IT filed. There are often times that people ask us, what is your profession? We usually give the same cliché response that we are a writer or an engineer etc.

However, the eyebrow raiser is when one answers that, ‘wow, my daughter just graduated in Computer Science and has secured a job in an Insurance company in the IT department.’ So one has to unquestionably think about the qualities that make IT professionals so sought after. Here are ten such qualities listed below:-

1.Technology savvy – If you enjoy what you do then it reflects in your work and style of working. If you love your work, you do it better and you are committed to it. You are also willing to take on more challenges if you are technology savvy.

2. Can interpret data – As per cio.com, data is the lifeline of any IT organization, an IT professional must have an in profundity knowledge of a company’s data. Data caters for insights on connectivity of all major software applications.

3. Knows the business –IT companies are closely associated with the businesses they serve. An IT CIO must have a strong business understanding and should be a sound business professional too. This helps in serving the business community in an innovative manner.

4. Should talk techie as well as non-techie –Using technical jargons to describe the features of your product or service may seem to be impressive but this will fall on deaf ears if you are talking to a non-techie person. It is eventually the end users that you are trying to support, hence, this may impact your next performance report.

5. Has in-depth expertise in its primary expertise area – You must have expertise in your core business area, be it business analysis, data communications, or a Project Manager or IT Manager. Irrespective of the profession you are in, IT professionals respect professionals who are competent.

6. Must have a know-how of related technical fields- Due to complex business processes and complex technologies, one must be a Jack of All Trades. An IT person must have skill in their core field as well as technologies that they touch. For instance, a Java programmer should possess a knowledge of database design and database stored procedures.

7. Sharing of technical knowledge – You should not only be a team player but must be willing to share your know-how with others. Assisting others will aid your manager to grow his/her staff, strengthen your professional repute, generating loyalty from those you assist, and places you at a higher position within the company.

8. Must love to learn – Technology is dynamic and is subject to change. There are constant upgrades done by hardware and software vendors in their products. New IT trends soon fade out. Hence, one must be willing to learn as the tools of your profession are continually changing.

9. Must be a team player –You must be a team player and be an ethical employee as in the longer run it will outweigh the short-term advances which are achieved by unsportsmanlike conduct.

10. Thinking out of the box – Thinking creatively helps in coming up with innovative saluting to solving problems, reuse old technologies in new ways, create new processes, and define new approaches. These will strengthen your professional brand as a leader and valuable resource to the company.

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