Microsoft testing Bing Boards integration with search

Bing and microsoft logoMicrosoft recently explained the improvements it is making on Bing, and formally introduced Bing Boards, a community experiment. This new feature brings news and articles of the user’s interest to the forefront. Microsoft has not elaborated on the other experiments it is conducting, stating users will see some changes on the site soon.

Microsoft stated that Bing Boards is a one of a kind of experiment that will focus both on the community and the user’s social connections. This feature will bring additional content to the user apart from Bing search. The user will have access to highly specialized content from social connections as well as leading experts from different fields.

Bing Boards will have a visual collection of images, videos and links from the blogger’s point of view. The company said that it is working with a small group of experts as well as food and lifestyle bloggers, to create content for the Bing Boards. Microsoft claimed that over time Bing Boards will evolve and broaden to cover more content.

The new Bing Board features are visible in the middle column on Bing’s Search page. Unfortunately since the feature is still under testing phase not everyone can access Bing Boards. Users may get access in near the future.

Microsoft has recently launched a new “Bing it on” TV campaign for users in the US that will set up comparisons between Google and Bing search results.