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Microsoft Teams is reportedly getting faster and more efficient starting this month

According to a recent report by The Verge, Microsoft is allegedly preparing a completely redesigned version of Teams for release at some time in March. The objective is to produce an app that uses fewer resources than the one currently accessible for business users on Windows 11 and Windows 10 platforms.

You might not think that concept is entirely novel, but in a way, it isn’t. The Teams integration that made its debut in Windows 11 through the Chat function served as the foundation for this new iteration of Teams.

However, because Microsoft Teams chat on Windows 11 is only intended for consumers, it is likely that you are still using the older, Electron-based software, which is slower and consumes more resources, if you use Teams for business. Additionally, whether you have a personal or corporate account, the new app that debuted on Windows 11 is still not accessible to Windows 10 users.

This updated version of Teams eliminates the reliance on Apollo by replacing Electron with an interface based on Microsoft Edge’s WebView2 control and the React JavaScript library. Microsoft emphasised that the new version uses 50% less memory as one of many enhancements when the Windows 11 integration was first revealed.

There will be a choice to revert to the previous version if you encounter any issues when the app is released in general preview in late March. Sometime after that, access should be more widespread.

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