January 18, 2021

Microsoft Partners With Miele & Cie For Create Smarter Home Appliances

Microsoft has partnered with high-end domestic Microsoft _Partners_Mieleappliance firm Miele to leverage its IoT technologies to create smarter home appliances.

Microsoft Azure Internet of Things services will help users in the next generation of smart appliances and home cooking.  

Miele and Microsoft have developed a website where users select recipes. Once selected food preparation stages are downloaded to the user’s smartphone or tablet and the matching program is loaded onto the oven through Microsoft Azure. The oven varies temperature, cooking time, humidity (by adding steam) and other factors to match the recipe to help cook your meal to perfection.

The use of Azure IoT services offers additional benefits, as it can scale to be made available to Miele customers worldwide. Currently, the joint project is classified as a study, but other applications are conceivable on the Microsoft platform, such as status report, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

This is just one example of how the Internet of Things and cloud technology are moving from enterprise experiences to delivering connected consumer experiences. Miele is driving a truly innovative connected smart appliance solution that will deliver exciting personalized cooking experiences for consumers.