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Microsoft may bring a divisive new feature to Notepad in the next Windows 11 update

According to a leak from a beta version of the app, Windows 11 may spice up Notepad by adding tabs to the mix, though not everyone is thrilled with this concept (we’ll get to that later).

Tabs are coming to Notepad, according to a tweet from a Microsoft employee, which was noticed by Windows Central (opens in new tab). The post also included a screenshot of the application’s test version showcasing tabs in use.

Given that tabs recently arrived in File Explorer, it’s not a big surprise to see them expanded in Windows 11. The tabs in File Explorer, or even Notepad, are exactly the same as the ones in your web browser, in case anyone needs a brief review on what tabs are and how they function.

They enable the opening of numerous folders in File Explorer, as well as allowing you to open various web sites in the same browser window. You’ll be able to open several documents simultaneously in Notepad.

Even though we noted above that it’s not really odd to see tabs appear in another area of Windows 11 given Microsoft’s obvious desire to use them more frequently outside of the browser, it is true that their appearance in Notepad is quite unexpected. It’s hardly the most sophisticated tool, after all, and its main focus is on keeping things as straightforward as possible when it comes to writing and editing text.

However, users of the tool will undoubtedly enjoy that Notepad has gotten a lot of attention in Windows 11. In that regard, extra redesigning isn’t a surprise because it also has a more contemporary appearance (rounded corners), font tweaks, and a dark option.

Depending on the person you’re speaking to, you can decide if Notepad actually requires tabs. While some users are happy to see the functionality come to Notepad and believe that it belongs in Notepad already, it is already present in other text editors that are similar to Notepad. The latter group is concerned that Microsoft would bloat the application with this modification and, given how things have been going, possibly more in the future. Those people worry that Notepad won’t always be a straightforward, quick-to-fire up app, taking more time to load, for example.

But keep in mind that this modification is still only being tested. Cynical people might even claim that the information was leaked to see how users would respond to the change, but regardless of the reasoning, just because a feature is being tested internally doesn’t guarantee that it will be included in the app’s final release. It appears to be a possibility for the future, though.

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