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Microsoft is all set to push more ads to Windows 11

Some of the new features discovered in the test builds suggest – Windows 11 may include an increased number of pop-ups and ads. The advertisements that users are witnessing are now in the operating system’s testing phase, but it’s probable that they will ultimately begin to surface on the stable builds.

Microsoft is exploring both subtle and substantial changes in the most recent preview releases, including pop-ups and adverts on the taskbar itself. Microsoft is dabbling with Microsoft account and OneDrive warnings within the Start menu, as you can see in the screenshot below. This new idea may bother the Windows community.

The advertisements can be seen on the Start Menu’s session flyout (the menu from which you can select choices like Lock or Sign out). When you click on the profile icon, you’ll see OneDrive and Microsoft account recommendations, along with reminders to “Back up your files,” “Sign up for a Microsoft account,” and “Complete your profile.”

Although it is obvious that these new OneDrive ads are adverts, Microsoft officials justified their inclusion in the Start menu as “useful” badges for beginners. Even more aggravating is the fact that the ad appears next to crucial buttons like the sign-out option and account settings change buttons, neither of which can be removed.

Microsoft acknowledged in a statement that it is evaluating several improvements for the Start menu, one of which would allow users to see “badging on their user profile warning them that certain activities need to be taken.”

Of course, beginners might find these advertisements useful in a variety of situations. As we’ve already seen, Microsoft thinks this may be advantageous for people who are just starting out. As an illustration, the company updated the Windows Tips app with comparable popups last year as part of its attempts to assist newcomers.

Tech-savvy customers, on the other hand, won’t find these overt OneDrive promotions useful, and they’ll want all the extra tricks that the operating system has to offer. The issue is that there is no setting in Windows 11 that allows you to turn off all ads. Microsoft is still testing this with a small sample of users, so it may change depending on suggestions and objections from the public.

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