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Microsoft initiates the AI Odyssey Program, aiming to enhance the skills of 100,000 developers in India through artificial intelligence education

Microsoft has introduced an ambitious initiative called AI Odyssey, with the goal of providing advanced skills training in artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technologies to 100,000 software developers across India. This free month-long online program is designed to enable individuals passionate about AI to register and access tailored learning content aimed at building expertise in applying Microsoft Azure cloud services for creating AI solutions.

The AI Odyssey program signifies a significant investment by Microsoft in empowering India’s technology talent to lead innovation in the rapidly evolving field of computer science. India is well-positioned to become an AI powerhouse due to its large pool of skilled developers and a multitude of potential applications across various sectors, including healthcare and agriculture. Offering targeted guidance on mastering AI can expedite this transformation.




Microsoft to Upskill 100,000 Indian Developers in AI with AI Odyssey: Join  Now!
Microsoft to Upskill 100,000 Indian Developers in AI with AI Odyssey

The program is structured into two levels of learning over approximately four weeks:

1. **Level 1:** Focuses on leveraging Azure cloud tools such as machine learning, computer vision, conversational AI, and annotated data labeling to address real-world AI use cases.

2. **Level 2:** Features an online assessment through interactive lab challenges, allowing participants to test their applied skills and earn a Microsoft certificate that can be showcased to employers.

Developers who successfully complete both levels by the January 31, 2024, deadline will have the opportunity to win a sponsored visit to the Microsoft AI Tour technology conference in Bangalore on February 8th.

Microsoft AI Odyssey is not only about upskilling individuals but also about empowering the careers of the future. While AI holds the promise of transforming industries ranging from finance to transportation, its responsible development requires cultivating specialists across the talent spectrum. By creating an accessible portal for Indian developers of all backgrounds to engage with AI principles and technologies, Microsoft aims to democratize expertise in this rapidly evolving domain.

The program’s goal of 100,000 registrants signifies a broad outreach to individuals who may contribute to pioneering breakthroughs with meaningful benefits across India’s public and commercial sectors. Moreover, professionals who upskill through AI Odyssey gain a valued credential that enhances their prospects within India’s burgeoning AI ecosystem, positioning them to play a crucial role in leading the country’s AI revolution.

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