February 25, 2021

Microsoft gears up, plans to expand ‘Surface’ division

During a conference today, Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Klien stated that the lineup of Surface devices will be heading toward expansion. After the report was completed the CFO talked about the Surface products, but refused to comment in detail about the specifics.


He said that they had limited distribution in that particular quarter in their stores and that they were excited about the expansion process. Further reiterating, he added that they were planning to expand geographically along with expanding the various product lineups and also were trying their hand at expanding retail distribution and capacity.


Klien put emphasis on the fact that Surface was contributing towards the revenue. He stated that in the current quarter, it had certainly been a great contributor towards the revenue ladder at the Windows business.


He however did not mention and neither was asked about the number of shipments for Surface RT, whereas analysts believe that it has ought to be somewhere in the near millions.


Previous comments made by other officials at Microsoft were repeated again by Klien, as he explained the demand for Windows 8 touch devices in the market saying that there was a great demand for touch devices, but the supply could never keep up with the demand.