Increased mobile data security from Airtel

With the ‘Bring your own device’, popularly known as (BYOD), gaining more impetus by the day, Bharti Airtel has now emerged with the launch of a mobile data security solution, designed and incorporated especially for the corporate sector. It will enable employees to gain access to their enterprise data on a device of their own preference and that too in a secure manner.


In a brief statement, Bharti Airtel provided comments regarding the launch of the same. The company said that the Airtel Dynamic Mobile Exchange (DME) program is aimed at allowing various workforces to access the threshold of enterprise data from any desired location and that too on a device of their own choice.  The access to the required data will be a secured process that will contribute towards boosting the business productivity while keeping up with mobile data security pre requisites.


The brand new solution will allow employees to segregate personal and official data on one device itself, by systematically separating information like data application, documents and email, amongst various others.

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