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Microsoft fixes issues that caused Outlook outage on the web

Microsoft has successfully resolved an issue that impacted its Outlook email and calendar service for web users. The problem arose on Tuesday evening (June 27) at approximately 8:00 pm India time. Microsoft took to Twitter early Wednesday (June 28) to confirm that the outage had been fixed.

Initially, reports indicated that the issue primarily affected users in North America. However, Microsoft later acknowledged that the problem had a wider reach beyond North America. Users from the UK, Latin America, and India commented on a tweet confirming the problem, stating that they also experienced the outage.

The official Microsoft 365 service account tweeted that they were investigating an access issue affecting Outlook for the web users in North America. However, two hours later, they acknowledged that the problem was more widespread than initially thought. Despite applying a build change, the service did not recover as expected. After exploring alternative solutions, Microsoft was able to patch the issue after approximately 6 hours.

This incident marked the second Outlook outage in the span of a month. The previous outage impacted both Windows and MacBook users’ access to the web service. Microsoft later confirmed that the cause of the outage was a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. The attack was attributed to a group called Anonymous Sudan, who claimed responsibility on their Telegram social media channel. It is believed that the group has Russian ties.

Microsoft assured users that there was no evidence of customer data being accessed or compromised during the outage.

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