Microsoft Defender app adds online, local security to all platforms

Microsoft defender app which was launched by Microsoft is now avalaible on all four platforms. Microsoft defender app is available as a part of Microsoft Defender which has been intended to provide protection against both online and local threats. Microsoft defender has not to be confused by Microsoft Defender is to be intended to provide one stop solution for our security needs. Microsoft Defender will work besides the built in or third party antivirus on Windows and MacOS and also protecting against internet attacks. Microsoft defender app also provides and displays security status of the devices where the app has been installed. iOS app is least useful as it also includes web protection but it allows to see the status of other devices where the app is installed. For android users Microsoft Defender has it’s own antivirus and malware scanning for installed and newly downloaded apps. Like desktop apps it protects web protection. The app is available for free for every platform but for Microsoft 365 subscription will be required.

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