Microsoft has reportedly confirmed that its first non-Nokia-branded smartphone, the Lumia 535, carries a touchscreen bug and that a fix to solve the issue is on the way. The handset was launched in India last month at Rs. 9,199.

The issue, as highlighted convincingly in the video below by Winphone Viet, shows the Lumia 535 struggling with a touchscreen sensitivity issue and inconsistent tracking of touch input. A number of early adopters of the handset are also complaining about the issue, as per WMpoweruser.

lumia 535 microsoft

The new-found touch screen sensitivity issue might make it difficult for Microsoft Lumia 535 customers to use Swype-styled keyboards or activate the menu buttons.

However, the Redmond-based tech firm has reportedly addressed the issue and has said that a bug fix will be rolled out soon. The firm however, has not given any official statement on the matter. Meanwhile, it has been found out that switching off the Screen Magnifier, which can be found under Settings > Ease of Access option, can resolve the issue to some extent. Notably, the Screen Magnifier is activated by default on the Lumia 535.

It is worth noting that a similar issue was seen last month with OnePlus One smartphone. It was reported that the touchscreen issue on the OnePlus One occurred because the flexible digitiser connector of replacement touchscreens was fitted in such a way that it came in contact with the inner surface of the handset’s metallic body – causing problems due to a grounding fault. The problem was reportedly solved by adding insulating material, though OnePlus refuted the existence of the issue with a series of tests.

OnePlus has not yet clarified how or by when it will solve the long-running touchscreen issue for the remaining One users, but said that it is running several internal tests to resolve the problem.