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Microsoft Bing brings images as part of chat responses

Microsoft has been continuously enhancing its AI-powered chatbot based on user feedback. The company has recently introduced several updates to improve the chat experience. One notable addition is the inclusion of images in chat responses.

When users ask questions about specific topics, such as flamingos or capybaras, relevant images will now appear alongside the answers. Clicking on the image opens a knowledge card providing more information about the subject.

Additionally, Bing chat now delivers more optimized answers for shopping, weather, finance, and autos. The visual elements for text-based answers have been redesigned to improve the overall experience.

Furthermore, the copy and paste functionality has been improved, allowing users to easily copy generated code or formatted text with a dedicated button. Users can also include text formatting, such as paragraphs, bullets, or numbering, in their prompts.

These updates aim to enhance the usability and convenience of the Microsoft chatbot, providing users with a more engaging and informative interaction.

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