MIBS Provides Healthcare Solution For Real-Time Supply Chain Management Powered By SAP HANA

it voice SAP logoSAP Labs India today announced that MIBS Pvt. Ltd (MIBS), a SAP Startup Focus participant and “SAP HANA Startup Challenge” finalist has built LogipleX, a supply chain intelligence solution powered by SAP HANA. LogipleX leverages the real-time operational reporting capabilities of SAP HANA to develop efficient supply chain models for the healthcare industry.

Organizations today face a variety of supply chain challenges such as increased pressure through global competition, heightened consumer expectations, and progressively complex patterns of customer demand. The healthcare industry faces specific challenges such as the the timely replenishment of drugs on demand at health centers and the need for an optimized delivery and distribution model.

MIBS created a unique offering by integrating its domain expertise in the healthcare industry with the SAP HANA real-time capabilities into LogipleX, which covers different supply chain stages, from warehouse, procurement and inventory management, to distribution, billing and logistics. Additionally, LogipleX can be readily integrated with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to enable efficient business process management across enterprises of all sizes. By integrating LogipleX with SAP HANA, customers benefit from flexible analytical models that use both real-time and stored data to build increasingly proactive supply chain models for the healthcare industry. This enables the customer to map drug supply based on actual consumption, to provide real-time inventory access and to ensure effective utilization of warehouse resources and increased supply chain visibility for both vendors and distributors.

The healthcare industry faces technical challenges especially when it comes to drug delivery and replenishment which involves coordination between vendors and distributors. An effective supply chain that addresses these challenges can only be implemented through a robust information technology system,” said PV Mohanram, Senior Vice President, MIBS. “With the LogipleX supply chain intelligence solution powered by SAP HANA, we aim to provide the healthcare industry with the agility, visibility, and control to streamline and manage their supply chain in response to market conditions.

MIBS is part of the SAP Startup Focus program which enables big data, predictive and real-time analytics startups to run better by developing innovative applications on the SAP HANA® platform, a cutting edge in-memory platform. The overall goal of the program is to spur innovation and provide startups with the technology, support, resources and community needed to port their applications to SAP HANA and go-to-market at no cost.

source : efy-times


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