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MG Motor India and Metadome.ai Collaborate to Unleash MG StudioZ: A Groundbreaking AR/VR Experience Centre in Chennai

Metadome.ai, a leading global 3D & XR technology company, has joined forces with MG Motor, a British automobile brand with a 99-year-old legacy, to mark a significant milestone in the automotive industry. MG Motor India has inaugurated their cutting-edge MG StudioZ experience center in Chennai, revolutionizing the traditional showroom concept by embracing the immersive 3D & XR solutions provided by Metadome.ai. 

The MG StudioZ ​​has features such as a digital running façade, video wall configurators, and a mega visualizer with VR/AR zones where customers can experience their favorite MG cars in these immersive environments. This new centre in Chennai also displayed the recently launched MG Comet – The Smart Electric Vehicle for Urban Mobility, which was also brought to life digitally by Metadome.ai’s 3D & XR technology.

The inauguration of MG StudioZ marks a major achievement for Metadome.ai in its mission to empower automotive brands in delivering a seamless customer experience. By redefining how an automotive brand presents its products, MG StudioZ sets a new standard by presenting products digitally, eliminating the need for physical inventory. Utilizing Metadome.ai’s 3D & XR technology, MG StudioZ creates a digital environment that appeals to today’s tech-savvy urban buyers passionate about automobiles.

Mr. Kanav Singla, CEO & Co-founder of Metadome.ai, commented on the new MG StudioZ inauguration saying, “We are proud to be MG Motor’s technology partner, delivering new and innovative experiences to customers. MG StudioZ represents an industry first, offering an inventory-less format to tech-savvy car buyers. Our AR/VR solutions enable this format, eliminating the need for human or car presence in the showroom. We are confident that these immersive experiences will soon replace the need for car buyers to physically inspect products before making purchase decisions. With its bold approach, MG StudioZ is poised to become a dominant sales channel for MG Motor in the near future.”

Udit Malhotra, Marketing Head at MG Motor India, expressed his thoughts on the partnership with Metadome.ai, stating, “We are glad to partner with Metadome.ai in the journey of creating great XR experiences for our customers. MG’s inauguration of StudioZ in Chennai reflects our dedication to digital innovation and customer-centricity. We are an auto-tech brand and StudioZ seamlessly combines the best of technology and automobile experiences in one place. This studio represents our vision for the future of automotive retailing, where digital interfaces like StudioZ play a crucial role in bringing our brand closer to customers and enhancing their buying journey. ” 

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