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Meta verified comes to India: This is how much it will cost

Instagram and Facebook, owned by Meta platforms, have introduced their own version of paid verified check marks following in the footsteps of Twitter. The feature, called Meta Verified, was initially launched in select countries and is now being extended to India. Unlike Twitter, Meta is honoring legacy verified badges on its platforms.

In India, users can pay a monthly fee of Rs 699 to verify their identity on Instagram and Facebook through the Meta Verified program. Initially, the feature is available for iOS and Android users, with web support coming at a later date. Subscribers to Meta Verified will receive a verified badge on their profiles, proactive protection against impersonation, and dedicated account support.

Currently, Meta Verified is only available to individual users, and the platform is exploring options for offering a valuable subscription offering for businesses in the future. The program has undergone adjustments based on learnings from its initial testing in Australia and New Zealand. The removal of increased reach is one of the changes made, and the same approach will be applied in India. The platform is also exploring new elements to enhance the subscription offering.

To be eligible for Meta Verified, accounts must meet certain requirements, including a minimum activity level with prior posting history. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. Once eligible, users can select the profile they want to verify and set up the payment mechanism to proceed with the verification process.

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