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Meta to build first data center in India at Reliance campus in Chennai

Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is reportedly establishing its inaugural data center in India at the Reliance Industries campus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This strategic move underscores Meta’s recognition of the significance of the Indian market and its commitment to localizing its operations.

The decision to set up the data center in Chennai followed discussions between Meta and Reliance Industries, as reported by The Economic Times. This development signifies a pivotal step for Meta as it aims to enhance its infrastructure and services to better serve its vast user base in India.

According to the report, the establishment of this data center aligns with Meta’s objective of processing data for Indian users locally rather than relying on its existing center in Singapore. By doing so, Meta anticipates several benefits, including expedited data processing, enhanced user experience, and cost efficiency.

The choice of Chennai as the location for the data center is significant due to the city’s growing prominence as a hub for technology and business in India. The campus where the data center will be situated is a collaboration between Brookfield Asset Management, Reliance Industries, and Digital Realty. Spanning across 10 acres, the campus is designed to accommodate a substantial IT load capacity of 100 Megawatts.

Meta’s decision to invest in a data center in India is also motivated by the increasing scrutiny over artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by the Indian government. With the establishment of a local data center, Meta aims to support AI-driven applications, such as its Llama series of large language models, thereby facilitating the development and refinement of AI technologies within the country.

India represents a crucial market for Meta, with its user base in the country surpassing that of the United States. The company has witnessed a significant uptick in advertising revenue from India, underscoring the importance of catering to the needs of Indian users.

The expansion of Meta’s data center operations in India reflects a broader trend observed among tech giants, wherein there is a growing emphasis on localizing data storage and processing. This trend is in line with the burgeoning data center industry in India and the implementation of stricter regulations, such as the Personal Data Protection Act, aimed at safeguarding user data and ensuring compliance with local laws.

In summary, Meta’s decision to establish its first data center in India marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to strengthen its presence in the country. By investing in local infrastructure and technology, Meta aims to better serve its Indian users while adhering to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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