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Messenger App Now Supports 4K Photo Sharing

Meta has implemented a significant improvement to its 4K photo sharing feature on Messenger, which may have gone unnoticed by many users. Initially introduced as an option to share HD photos back in 2017, Meta now asserts that Messenger supports sharing photos in HD quality.

But what exactly does this mean? According to Meta, HD now equates to 4K quality, aligning with the standard high-resolution quality seen in modern times. So, what was Messenger supporting for the past seven years? Meta explains that previously, the quality of 4K photos was contingent on network conditions and underwent compression to expedite the sharing process.

However, the updated HD photo sharing feature on Messenger represents a significant enhancement, eliminating compression and allowing users to simply tap the HD button, akin to the functionality available on WhatsApp for sending high-resolution photos. Without enabling the HD option, photos shared on Messenger will default to a resolution of 2K quality.

It’s noteworthy that Meta’s resolution to address this feature on Messenger after seven years suggests a prioritization of making the feature available on WhatsApp first before extending it to other apps within its ecosystem. But the enhancements to sharing on Messenger don’t stop there.

Users can now share files of up to 100MB on the app, a four-fold increase from the previous 25MB limit, although still notably less than the 2GB limit for sharing on WhatsApp. Additionally, Messenger will introduce a sharing album feature, which, despite being a somewhat dated addition, is finally making its debut. These features on Messenger are expected to roll out gradually over the coming weeks.

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