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Mercury Announces ‘Mercury Power Scheme’ for Channel Partners

Rewards on earning points with the sale of Mercury Elite650 VA PRO UPS; from May to July 2013.


Kobian, a leading player in computer peripherals and tablets, announced its special scheme – ‘Mercury Power’ for its partners. The scheme is exclusive on Mercury Elite650 PRO VA UPS and is designed for Pan India channel partners. The scheme is designed for partners to work on the Mercury UPS segment and earn attractive rewards.

The scheme is custom designed with varying slabs as per each region to meet the varying regional channel dynamics. Product and volume focus differs in each region and city classes. The schemes are valid from 1st May to 30th July 2013 and valid for the purchases billed out from Kobian authorized distributors. Targets for the quarter are varied allowing smaller B and C city partners also to avail the scheme and maximize their business and earn attractive rewards.

Summer season in India is marred with electricity shortage and fluctuations, which increases the need for UPS to safeguard the PC and its components. Mercury Power scheme is designed to increase profitability for the channel partners in a season where the business on Power products is at a rise. The scheme envisions to reach to smallest of partners with targets of 20-30pc per month too. The scheme ends on 30th July and rewards shall be distributed soon after the claim submissions.

Sushmita Das, Country Manager – India, Kobian Pte Ltd said “Generally schemes are run in season where business is slow, but we want our partners to maximize their potential and profits in this season of power shortage with Mercury Power Scheme. We have initiated the Mercury Power Scheme on our UPS product category beginning with Mercury Elite650 VA PRO UPS which is a perfect solution for corporate, SMB and SOHO segment.  It is widely accepted and is growing rapidly. Apart from tablets and PC peripherals, partners who are into power products can avail reward through this customized promotion scheme. We look forward to many new partners to join in the Mercury family.”