January 23, 2021

Meizu MX Supreme Could Be Nokia’s First Android-Powered Smartphone

images (2)Meizu has been building a smartphone dubbed the MX Supreme. News is, that it has leaked out, and it looks pretty similar to the recently launched MX4 Pro smartphone.
Rumours online lead us to believe that this could be the Nokia C1 that had leaked out shortly after the surprise announcement of the Nokia N1 tablet.
While the tablet was certainly a success with its Intel guts, we are pretty sure that Meizu may have gone in for a more mobile-friendly MediaTek option to keep the prices low.

For once the older leak does in fact match today’s leaked image leading us to believe that Meizu may be building the product while Nokia may be giving out the design guidelines.

If this does turn out to be true, we certainly won’t see a launch happening any time soon (thanks to its deal with Microsoft). But it will be a pretty good contender in the Android space considering Nokia and Meizu’s combined expertise in design, construction and software.