September 20, 2020

Matrix Certifies Interoperability Of Its IP Video Surveillance Solutions with Panasonic IP Cameras

Matrix Comsec is a leading manufacturer of enterprise-grade Matrix Corporate Logotelecom and security solutions. The company has announced interoperability of SATATYA, its IP video surveillance solution with select models of Panasonic IP cameras. This interoperability, will offer customers the flexibility to have a wide range of IP cameras to choose from. Enterprise customers need flexibility in implementing video surveillance security due to their complex functioning and geographically scattered operations.

Matrix SATATYA IPVS supports camera configuration in three modes – ONVIF, Brand Model and Generic. This interoperability is a part of Matrix R&D teams’ overall  objective of supporting cameras of established brands. This will offer the users the advantage of having the best of both worlds, i.e. best in class video recorders and IP cameras.

Matrix tested the Panasonic IP Cameras to ensure the highest performance of the camera. This testing ensures all the features which were not working on ONVIF will now function smoothly.

Below is the tested list of Panasonic Cameras with Matrix video surveillance solution.

  • K-EWL114L
  • K-EF134L
  • BLVP101
  • WVSF138
  • BLC-111
  • BLC-101
  • WVSW316L
  • BLVT164W
  • WVSF135E
  • WV SP102
  • WVSF132E
  • WVST162
  • BBHCM511
  • WVST172

Speaking on the subject, Kaushal Kadakia, Manager Video Surveillance, Matrix Comsec said “This interoperability is a win-win situation for both the system integrators and customers. The system integrators now have an opportunity to use the reliable Panasonic cameras with feature-rich Matrix video recorders and software to give a complete solution to the customers.”