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ManageEngine’s Site24x7 Launches Hybrid And Public Cloud Monitoring

manageengineSite24x7, the cloud infrastructure monitoring service from ManageEngine, announced the launch of monitoring support for hybrid and public cloud environments. Available immediately, the new capabilities let users monitor VMware vSphere® hypervisors as well as Amazon EC2 and RDS web services. The move will allow users to optimize the uptime and performance of their private, public and hybrid cloud environments from a central Site24x7 console.

Cloud and virtualization are key technologies for organizations seeking to improve the flexibility and scalability of the IT services delivered to end users. Public cloud services from Amazon let companies run their own applications and services on computing resources externally hosted by Amazon. Constantly monitoring these cloud-hosted applications ensures they perform at expected levels and ensures cloud resources are being effectively utilized. Similarly, highly virtualized infrastructure requires constant monitoring to optimize uptime and performance.

Last quarter, Site24x7 pushed the envelope by delivering a combination of application performance and infrastructure monitoring,” said, Gibu Mathew, Director – Product Management of Site24x7, ManageEngine. “With this release, we are pushing the envelope even further by extending our monitoring capabilities to include all cloud environments. Our support for VMware infrastructure and Amazon services are compelling additions to the existing portfolio of cloud services we provide to help enterprise IT.

Site24x7 VMware and Amazon Monitoring

Site24x7 now provides insight into the performance of cloud environments based on VMware and Amazon, this help IT teams to troubleshoot and resolve problems before end users are affected. Users can plan capacity and make informed decisions when allocating Amazon EC2 and RDS resources. Site24x7 offers a single console for monitoring physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure as well as the applications hosted by cloud resources inside and outside the corporate data center.

Site24x7 monitors the performance metrics of VMware vSphere host servers and guest virtual machines (VMs) and helps to ensure they are performing optimally, at all times. Site24x7 connects with VMware vSphere servers through standard APIs via the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller and determines the health status as well as the performance of the host servers and their corresponding virtual machines. Highlights of Site24x7 VMware monitoring include:

Graphical views, alarms and thresholds

Out-of-the-box reports

Comprehensive fault management and maximum ESX server uptime

Amazon monitoring in Site24x7 provides comprehensive performance metrics of EC2 and RDS instances and ensures peak performance of business-critical applications and services hosted on those Amazon platforms. Site24x7 provides insight into the performance and resource utilization of EC2 and RDS instances and the applications running on them. Highlights of Site24x7 Amazon monitoring include:

Real-time availability and health status of the EC2 and RDS instances

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) window for troubleshooting problems

CPU percentage utilization, network traffic statistics and disk read/write operations.

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