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HealthFore Technologies Launches Doctor Tele-Consult On Skype

_13062051c2ccc662a11healthfore-logo-editedInvasion of technology in healthcare delivery has helped in enabling the reach for healthcare access on demand and at affordable price. HealthFore Technologies Limited (formerly Religare Technologies Limited) has been running tele-consultation services for last two years, providing access to medical advice at patient’s convenience using phone. India, 3rd largest Internet population in the world with a penetration at 12% presents unmatchable growth opportunity for the Internet sector in coming years. Internet penetration is expected to reach 15% in 2013, with estimated addition of 30 million new internet users. Considering the increase in population getting connected through internet and ever increasing users, Health Fore is proud to extend its current tele-consultation service with “Skype” as an additional channel for a Pilot.

Patients can connect to HealthFore’s doctor through skype id “OnPhoneDoctor” or can log on to

During the pilot execution, the service will offer access to medical consultation and advice provided by team of accredited medical professionals & doctors using skype. The patient will be able to do a video consult with the doctor and receive medical advice. The service can be accessed round the clock (24X7) for all daily health & medical needs for you and your family, from anywhere, anytime of the day or night. The service has been created with the objective of improving access to credible medical health/advice, providing health advice anywhere at an affordable price and convenience.

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