Major Price Drop By Samsung For Galaxy S5

AFoJ12759PM722014In yet another price drop since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, the current price for the device has now dipped below Rs 35,000. Online retailers like Flipkart and eBay India are offering the latest flagship of Samsung at Rs 34,481 and Rs 33,325 respectively. Samsung India website however lists Rs 51,500 for the same.

This unofficial price drop marks another low for Samsung which originally launched the product with a price tag of Rs 51,500 thus making it a premium phone. Almost a fortnight after the official launch, press release by Samsung confirmed no change in the price of Galaxy S5. This was done as a damage control by Samsung when online retailers dropped the price by several thousand rupees. 

In May, the same was available for Rs 40,000. If compared to the other top competitors of smartphone market, the fall in the price of Galaxy S5 is still higher. HTC One M8 which was launched with the price tag of Rs 49,990 can now be purchased for Rs 41,900 through online channels. Similar price dip was seen with Sony Xperia Z2 which is now available for Rs 44,000 after its initial launch of Rs 49,900. 

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