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Ludhiana Police Enhances Law Enforcement Using Dashboard Cameras and Speed Radars

In a significant stride toward enhancing law enforcement and traffic surveillance, the Ludhiana city police, in collaboration with NGO Round Table India, have introduced dash cameras equipped with speed radars in their vehicles. This technological advancement, representing a crucial move in contemporary policing, is poised to bring about a noticeable transformation in the city’s traffic management and crime prevention.

This collaborative endeavor has resulted in the installation of 10 dash cameras in a total of 6 traffic vehicles and 4 Police Control Room (PCR) vehicles. These dash cameras, featuring advanced speed radar technology, possess the capability to record the speed of vehicles from a distance of up to 300 meters. With a storage capacity of 64 GB each, these cameras can retain data for a substantial period of seven days. This data is expected to play a pivotal role in enforcing traffic regulations and assessing incidents involving anti-social elements within the city.




Radars deployed on Ludhiana-Khanna, Ludhiana-Jalandhar highway to catch  overspeeding vehicles : The Tribune India
Radars deployed on Ludhiana-Khanna, Ludhiana-Jalandhar highway to catch overspeeding vehicles

Beyond their application in rule enforcement, the dash cameras are anticipated to offer valuable insights into patrolling activities. Additionally, they will serve as crucial evidence in cases where traffic and PCR officers encounter unwarranted attacks. The integration of this technology into police vehicles underscores the commitment of the city police to efficiently maintain law and order while ensuring the safety of their personnel.

During the announcement made by Ludhiana’s top police official, Kuldeep Singh Chahal, it was emphasized that this initiative represents only the initial phase of implementation. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rupinder Singh further outlined plans to expand the initiative by installing dash cameras in 30 more vehicles in the near future. This expansion is poised to significantly enhance the city’s capacity to monitor traffic, curb anti-social activities, and ensure police accountability.

The incorporation of dash cameras equipped with speed radars reflects a forward-looking approach by Ludhiana’s law enforcement authorities. By leveraging modern technology, the police department aims to not only streamline traffic management but also create a safer environment for both residents and officers. The data captured by these dash cameras is expected to serve as a powerful tool in analyzing traffic patterns, identifying areas of concern, and implementing targeted interventions for improved public safety.

This initiative aligns with global trends where law enforcement agencies increasingly turn to technology to enhance their operational capabilities. The integration of dash cameras and speed radars into police vehicles is a strategic move that combines surveillance, evidence collection, and data-driven insights to address contemporary challenges effectively. As Ludhiana progresses with its plans to expand this initiative, it sets an example for other cities to embrace innovative solutions for modern policing and community safety.

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