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LTIMindtree Launches Canvas.ai, A Generative AI Platform To Accelerate Concept-To-Value Realization For Enterprises

The Platform, built using well-architected framework, enables clients to build, manage and consume generative AI solutions responsibly

LTIMindtree [NSE: LTIM, BSE: 540005], a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, today launched Canvas.ai, an enterprise-ready generative AI platform designed to accelerate the concept-to-value journey for businesses using mindful AI principles. 

Canvas.ai is among the first-of-its-kind platform designed to help enterprises jump start and scale generative AI capabilities, bolstering business innovation and engineering productivity. Leveraging well-architected framework and sound governance measures, Canvas.ai effectively manages proprietary and industry-specific data, while factoring its ethical use, sustainability, privacy and security. The platform-based architecture of Canvas.ai caters to the business requirements of three key personas – creators who build the generative AI solutions, admins who manage, and users who consume governed generative AI solutions. 

Debashis Chatterjee, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at LTIMindtree said, “Generative AI is a seminal trend that is slating the next phase of autonomous enterprises. Through our 4E model of Educate, Experience, Explore and Employ, we remain invested in helping our clients adopt and adapt generative AI ways of working. We are happy to note that several global clients are already leveraging Canvas.ai to solve for unique business needs in their journey towards digital transformation and cutting-edge experience.”

Nachiket Deshpande, Whole-Time Director and Chief Operating Officer at LTIMindtree said, “With Canvas.ai, clients gain access to LTIMindtree’s partnership with leading Large Language Model (LLM) providers and ecosystem of proprietary accelerators, domain-specific solution and product offerings, and future-ready talent pool. This will help clients harness the power of Generative AI and build out solutions for data monetization, productivity co-pilots, and engineering frameworks. Furthermore, the platform-centric design of Canvas.ai makes it adept at facilitating standardization, while accommodating the upgrades to generative AI technology, promoting enterprise-wide efficiency and reducing infrastructure and operating costs in the long term as clients digitize their core businesses.” 

Canvas.ai guarantees up to 40-50% reduction in time and effort for app modernization and cloud migration programs.

“Rapid advancements in technology and pervasiveness of generative AI make it necessary for organizations to carefully weigh in the ethical ramifications of its adoption,” said Jitendra Putcha, Global Head, Data, Analytics and AI at LTIMindtree. “With built-in features such as explainable AI and security-first approach, which serve as guardrails, Canvas.ai prevents the abuse of the technology. It can help organizations traverse data regulations, minimize unintended bias and ensure transparency across the business supply chain. It gives them the scope for mindful innovation and the resources to deploy generative AI responsibly.”

Canvas.ai is available for clients globally through LTIMindtree’s Generative AI Studios in Warren, NJ; Dallas, TX; Hartford, CT; and Minneapolis, MN in US; London and Paris in Europe; and Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India.

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