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Love in the time of Online Dating- India’s Most Downloaded dating app, QuackQuack, surpasses 30 Million users

Dating apps are the new normal. Online dating has been gaining traction in the past decade, and keeping up with the trend, India’s most downloaded dating app, QuackQuack, proudly announces the attainment of a significant milestone: 30 Million users. The momentous achievement underscores QuackQuack’s unparalleled dedication to fostering genuine connections, constantly updated and cutting-edge features, and a user-centric approach.

On the occasion, the app’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “As we celebrate this 30 million milestone, we are truly humbled by the overwhelming support and trust placed in us by our users. We are excited to see the impact QuackQuack has made in fostering genuine connections and reshaping the terrain of online dating.  We witnessed an average of 24,000 app downloads daily, a 24% rise in female users, and a surge in users from Tier 2 and 3 Indian cities. It only makes us more committed to constantly enhancing the user experience and ensuring that our app remains the preferred choice for millions seeking love and friendship.”

Over the past month, the indigenous dating app has experienced an exhilarating surge in activity, with an impressive 77 profile views transpiring each second. This swell in engagement is reflected in the platform’s staggering download rate, demonstrating its widespread appeal and unwavering popularity among young daters across the nation. Having captured and made a secure footing on the romance and friendship market in Tier 1 and 2 Indian cities, QuackQuack is now locked in on succeeding in Tier 3 cities, aiming to make online dating readily available in remote corners of the country.

The desi dating app also witnessed a flurry of interactions, with an average of 1064 chats exchanged per minute. It highlights the platform’s efficacy in facilitating meaningful conversations and its role as a catalyst for forging genuine connections. QuackQuack has logged more than 120 screenviews per second, with more than 25 million app downloads. Among many remarkable displays of enthusiasm, a user set a new record by sending 21,000 likes in a single day, underscoring the platform’s appeal among its user base. 

With almost 432,000 matches in a month, QuackQuack has set a new benchmark. The app has also emerged as a favorite for India’s Gen Z demographic, with the average age of new joiners between 24 and 25. There has also been a constant effort to keep the platform clean and safe with diligent monitoring, a robust verification process, and cutting-edge technology; famed for its security measures, QuackQuack has seen a rise in female users, and the Hyderabad-based app also revealed that they are currently witnessing a higher login rate among females than males, emphasizing the app’s safety endeavors.

Ravi further added, “Besides upgrading our safety features, we have bigger plans for this year. We intend to expand our app’s services to every crevice of the country and make the dating experience easier for all. For the same, we are focusing on more vernacular ads for better understanding and wider reach. We have also added a more exhaustive filter for users to find the most compatible match. Going beyond conventional location-based matching, we are introducing advanced filters that will enable users to find matches based on shared interests, hobbies, preferred educational qualifications, professions, and even educational institutions. We believe meticulous and informed decisions when finding a partner result in a successful relationship. This year, we have also hit a few milestones on social media platforms. We are dedicated, now more than ever, to propel QuackQuack further ahead in the dating arena without skipping a beat.” 

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