March 9, 2021

Looking for Vishwaroopam updates? Get this mobile app

An app of Kamal Haasan’s E-zine, Maiam, gives users info about the film


BANGALORE, INDIA: Ever since the release date was announced, actor-director Kamal Haasan’s latest film, Vishwaroopam (Vishwaroop in Hindi), is facing one hurdle or the other, and controversies are erupting virtually every hour.

On top of it, there are so many versions to any story that breaks out of these contentious issues, some of which are sub-judice.

So, how can one keep track of what is really happening at the film-maker’s end regarding the film’s staggered theatrical release, which is supposed to be followed by its Direct-To-Home (DTH) premiere?

There is a way out, in the form of Haasan’s E-magazine (E-zine), Maiam, an official mobile app of which can be downloaded for regular updates on the film – be it about its release schedule, deadlock over theatrical/DTH premiere or about the production unit’s stand on any issues.

The official site says that the app it is specially designed for about 500 mobile devices, across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, Java, and BlackBerry.

Apart from getting regular updates, one can also “use this app to capture Vishwaroopam posters… and enjoy watching trailers” and convey messages to the actor.

There are some simple steps suggested to download and install the app on a mobile device.


* Users can either click on a link given on the app site or open the browser on their phones and type ‘’, then click enter

* You will automatically redirected to the respective app store

* Click on Install button, Maiam App, will automatically gets installed on the phone

* Once you open Maiam App on you phone, it will open in camera view. Focus your phone on Vishwaroopam/Vishwaroop poster anywhere on theaters, newspaper, billboard, online, etc, and you can get relevant info you want about the film