Public hard-earned money has no value for Lok Tantra Government

There is a deep root in our system that is something that pretty much every single Indian is aware of. In this segment we are showing some tenders which are examples of how are public funds were and are still being misused.

RVUNL has published a tender named Implementation of ERP on September 27th.2018 and quoted tender value was Rs.14,20,00,000 (fourteen crores twenty lakh ) in BJP was in power in Rajasthan, after few day RVUNL has cancelled the tender without any justification on June 17th 2019 in Congress government.

After few days (17 days) RRVUNL has republished that tender with some modification in products and rates which was Rs 50,68,00,000 (Fifty crores and sixty-eight lakh ) due to proper bidder that tender was again cancelled and republished with same terms and conditions in next two three days. It is very surprising that only two bidders, have bid for this tender and they both are from the same state. As per the Rajasthan Transparency Public Procurement Act this tender is not full filling the terms but still the tender was finalised on double price than the quoted tender cost that is Rs.1,42,17,26,616 (One Forty-Two Crores Seventeen lakh Twenty Six Thousand  Six Hundred and Sixteen ) and it is ten times higher than the previous tender which was published in BJP government .

The money we paid as tax is grossly misused by Government because recently Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) announced the average hike of 9.6 % in various consumer categories as discom is suffering from huge losses. The hard-earned money which we paid as tax Government should use that to recover from losses but they are doing something which is not understandable.

Is this a crooked deal or unprofessionalism it should be decided by the government soon?