Lockdown updates :Rajasthan Police start giving permit on app for movement during lockdown.

Rajasthan police on Saturday 28th march, launched a mobile app to enable individuals and company employees in the Rajasthan state to take permission for venturing out in necessary conditions.

The RajCop citizens app has been launched on Android Play Store in English but every day it will be modified according to the need of people especially those at the bottom of the pyramid, Sharat Kaviraj, DIG, State Crime Record Bureau, Rajasthan told PTI.

Kaviraj said.”Right now we are using both technology and humanitarian approach to control the lockdown. This app will help law-abiding citizens to go out of their home in case of emergency or essential services during the lockdown with a valid permit”. We will also start Hindi version of the application from tomorrow.

The permission is being sent via email to the applicant but from Sunday onwards it will be also available inside the application to help people who don’t have knowledge of using e-mail.

In this lockdown period many companies those are involved in essential services have complained about police on road punishing their employees.

The developer of the app Data Ingenious Global Limited said that the launch has been done to address the immediate need of the people during the lockdown and its team is working very hard from home to bring changes that will be asked by the government.

Ajay Data CEO, Data Ingenious GLobal Limited said “In this difficult time of corona virus impact, we were asked to do the lockdown pass work by the government. We took it as a challenge and our team worked from home continuously for four days and I am very glad that we could deliver an advance lockdown pass system to ease the life of people involved in essential services”.