Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Cloud) – Key Announcements

Huawei to invest US $100 million in Asia Pacific startup ecosystem over 3 years

Huawei to invest US $100 million in Asia Pacific startup ecosystem over 3 years

Huawei has joined with four leading OS vendors, Kylinsoft, iSoft, Uniontech, and the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), to announce commercial editions powered by openEuler. The announcement marks a new milestone for the commercial readiness of openEuler-based operating systems. openEuler, the open source, free Linux distribution platform that offers an open community for developers worldwide is now set to take the multi-core heterogeneous computing industry to the next level.

Announced about the MindSpore, the all-scenario AI computing framework, goes open source on Gitee, and that ModelArts Pro, the first-ever AI app development suite for enterprises, goes live on HUAWEI CLOUD. Huawei also showcased some of the significant applications for Huawei’s Atlas AI computing platform, on the cloud, edge, and devices. In doing so, Huawei has delivered the full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions for developers that it had first unveiled at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018.

Meanwhile, Huawei also fully shared the achievements it has made in computer vision. Huawei opens up papers and algorithm code for global developers to break new ground in AI research, development, and deployment. In addition, Huawei released the Computer Vision Plan (referred to the Vision Plan) and invited global AI experts to participate in the research. The Atlas AI computing platform powered by Huawei Ascend AI processors will provide powerful computing to support this plan. The research results will be implemented in Huawei’s MindSpore, the all-scenario AI computing framework. MindSpore is open to the industry, enabling global AI developers to continuously innovate, break through boundaries, and build pervasive intelligence.

Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Cloud), or HDC.Cloud, is Huawei’s annual flagship event for global developers in the ICT space. It was webcast live on HUAWEI CLOUD from March 27 to 28. The conference provides a global communication and practice platform, opens up Huawei’s 30 years of ICT expertise, and leverages the Huawei Kunpeng + Ascend processors as hardware engines to empower developers with the computing power to transform industries and incubate possibilities.