LNK/Agent.AK: New Agent Trojan Blocked by ESET – Threat Report of November 2013

unnamedIdentified in September 2013 which has a affect of 3% World Activity Peak

BANGALORE / MUMBAI, India – December 26, 2013

ESET global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers, blocked a new agent Trojan LNK/Agent.AK. ESET also conveys, among all the threats evolving, this agent Trojan made second place to affect ESET worldwide users with 3% world activity peak. ESET research institute detected the threat in September 2013 and also providing the map of the Trojan every week.

The chart below shows LNK/Agent.AK Trojan’s monthly report from November 22, 2013 to December 23, 2013 worldwide.

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Source:  http://www.virusradar.com/

Top Computer Threats in India

Source: ESET ThreatSense.Net® (November 2013)











ESET worldwide survey with ThreatSense reports conveys, INF/Autorun.gen is having the major share among all threats with aggressive hits. LNK/Agent.AK Trojan stands second, which is affecting continuously worldwide with 3% world activity peak.


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