Linux is secure in the empire of viruses

Om Logistics Ltd. introduced Linux way back in 2001, when there were 40 branches. Today in all 450+ branches of ( OLL ) the Linux Version UBUNTU 14.04 LTS has been redesined that make working more efficient than ever in our IT infrastructure.

CMD sir jpeg “Though, becoming familiar with the  Linux operating system requires  patience as well as a strong learning  zeal, because of its free nature, Linux  is sometimes behind the curve when it comes to brand new hardware  compatibility. The kernel contributors and maintainers work hard at  keeping the kernel up to date. We have always supported changes for  betterment of workplace”. Said Mr. Ajay Singhal, CMD, OM Group. He also  told that,“Using Linux in our organization has helped from the backbone  servers to the desktops because Linux tends to run applications quicker  than windows on the same type of hardware, this move also saves  hardware upgrading costs. Linux developers have done a commendable  work at creating alternatives to popular applications, and have good  reason to celebrate when they honor the open-source operating system.  Even critics are admiting that this operating system has fundamentally  changed the way software is developed and proven the viabilty of open  standards”.

“We started with a team of 4 IT personnel to manage 20 PCs.Today we have around 3000 Pcs running Linux with approximately 12 number of IT personnel”. And from a turnover of 70 crores we have reached 1000 crore. “Now when the accounting system having been shifted to Linux, there is still a need to maintain few seperate systems for maintaining compatibilitywith older data. Our internally modified Linux OS systems allowes icredible work experience to company personnel. We engeneer seamless experience for our users across all branches that is unparalled in the industry, as I have mentioned in my earlier interviews”. Said Mr. S.K. Goel, V.P Om Logistics Ltd. “ the OS system has been redisigned and refined with a fresh look where controls are clearer, smarter and easier for the end users. The Linux operating system has been around since the early nineties and has managed to stay secure in the realm of widespread viruses, spyware and adware for all these years.” added Mr. Goel.

Mukul Gupta, CFO, Om Logistics Ltd., recalls that “when I was to join the company IT and the HR department told about the use of Linux opertating system, initially I was a bit hesitant because I havent used it before. But within a week got familiar with Linux.”

R.K Gupta, A.G.M ( F & A ) Om Logistics Ltd. “I have been using the Linux OS system for the last ten years. Eever since my desktop has never been formatted. I gets surprised when friends tells me about the loss of data and other problems related to the computers.”

D.K Yadav, Head Ops (Internal) & RM is of the view that there are so many softwares when it comes to doing any specific task. The majority of Linux software is free and open source. Not only are one gets the software easily, but have the option to modify the source code and add more features if he or she understands the programming language.

Akash Bansal, Head, Logistics, Om Logistics Ltd. says, “Linux is considered to be a more reliable operating system, sometimes running without failure for months at a time. Linux has taken the tech industry by storm and become a commercial success. It’s a most popular Operating System everywhere even at those places where most of us have not even think of. Tiny machines to Gaint Supercomputers are powered by Linux”.

Madhukar Shyam Singh, RM, West, The power of choice is also a advantage of Linux. With Linux, you have the power to control just about every aspect of the operating system. Linux is perfect for those old computers with barely any processing power or memory.

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