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Liminal Welcomes TIAR to Its Client Roster, Enhancing the Decentralised Sports Fantasy Experience

Liminal, a leading provider of wallet and custody infrastructure solutions for trading applications, proudly announces its newest client, TIAR, a groundbreaking decentralised sports fantasy application. Liminal has established a reputation for solving the complex challenges of managing wallet and custody infrastructure for trading platforms with massive user deposits, large treasuries, and intricate transaction operations. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Liminal’s journey to expand its services beyond trading applications while upholding the highest standards of security, operational efficiency, and asset management.

Liminal’s journey began with a mission to address the unique requirements of trading platforms operating in a dynamic and demanding financial landscape. Over time, Liminal has adapted and evolved its product offerings to cater to an ever-expanding range of use cases. Today, we are thrilled to extend our support to the exciting world of decentralised sports fantasy with the integration of TIAR into our client roster.

TIAR, known for its innovative approach to sports fantasy, is set to leverage Liminal’s institutional-grade wallet and custody solution to enhance its fan engagement platform. By partnering with Liminal, TIAR aims to bring an unparalleled level of trust and efficiency to its user base. This integration will empower TIAR’s users to participate in sports fantasy activities with confidence, knowing that their assets are safeguarded by cutting-edge security measures and operational excellence.

Liminal’s commitment to delivering top-tier wallet and custody infrastructure aligns perfectly with TIAR’s vision for a decentralised sports fantasy experience that puts the user first. The partnership between Liminal and TIAR represents a significant step forward in providing a seamless and secure environment for sports enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the excitement of fantasy sports.

Commenting on the development Akshar Madhavaram, CEO & Co-founder of TIAR said “We are thrilled to enhance the user experience of our platform with Liminal’s world class security protocols. In our partnership with Liminal, we are focused on building a secure layer around our platform that simplifies wallet operations and instils trust and confidence in users regarding the security of their assets.

“Our vision to solve the fundamental problems in wallet infrastructure, asset security, controlled flow of assets and installing efficiency and scalability into consumer-facing Web3 applications comes to light with such a partnership. What TIAR is building for sports enthusiasts is an absolute market today. With our advanced security and efficient integration, they’ll be able to run their operations smoothly, eliminating the risk of hacks, threats and single points of failure for their assets and that of their users,” said Manhar Garegrat, Country Head- India & Global Partnerships at Liminal.

TIAR’s integration of Liminal’s wallet and custody infrastructure promises to deliver an elevated user experience, underpinned by trust and operational excellence. This collaboration between two industry leaders will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of sports fantasy, making it more accessible and enjoyable for fans worldwide.

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