LG Won’t Manufacture The Nexus Device

Motoring Crunch reports that the next Nexus device won’t be manufactured by South Korean giant and LG is not working on any Google project as of now.

Global communications director of LG, Ken Hong said that they were not sentient of the status of Nexus project or Android Silver programme. Additionally he informed that Google has not authorized LG for any new Nexus range of products. This statement contradicts the previous rumors which suggested that Motorola and LG have been roped in for Android Silver devices.

Earlier this year, head of Android Engineering and Nexus Programme, Dave Burke, dismissed any reports that they were planning to leave Nexus for the new Android Silver devices in which wireless carriers and manufacturers would be paid to produce and sell high end premium devices which resembles Google’s specifications. He however refused to comment on existence of such programme.

“Android silver is not something on which we are commenting right now but the vision of it does not mean that Nexus would be axed”, he had informed. Google sells Nexus devices in number of countries through its play store and physical retailers. These devices are made with Google’s partner and OEMs comes with Android OS without any software or applications. Android updates are quicker on Nexus than on any other device. Google partnered with LG to make two Nexus devices, namely Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

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