October 26, 2020

LG V30’s iPhone-like haptic vibration feedback detailed by the manufacturer

LG will soon be launching its V30 phablet and before the official unveiling there have been several leaks and rumours about the expected features, including a new haptic feedback for users. The company, while detailing its UX 6.0+ said about this feature briefly but never gave details on it. However, Immersion, the company behind the V30’s feature has explained how exactly it will work, to 9to5Google website.
For those unaware, Immersion recently announced its partnership with LG to bring its HD TouchSense Technology to the LG V30. The technology is similar to iPhone’s Taptic Engine. The HD TouchSense aims to bring more vibration range and better control on the motor for users.
“Immersion has created an advanced design toolchain for controlling these motors, enabling the creation of complex vibration effects we call SD or standard definition haptics. With SD haptics, a designer can use a design tool with a GUI to create a haptic effect with fine control over strength and duration. Various strengths and durations can be combined to create patterns and textures,” said David Birnbaum, Experience Design Director at Immersion to 9to5Google.
Citing one of the examples, Immersion says that its new haptic feedback tech will be used in the V30’s camera. The shutter button will be giving a vibration feedback when clicking an image, like a shutter button gives in a DSLR. Furthermore, when users will be spinning the on-screen settings knob in the manual photography mode, the device will give a feedback. Vibration feedback will also be used while dismissing notifications and swiping between home screens.
Although nothing else was mentioned by Immersion, we presume the haptic feedback will be present in other sections as well across the UX 6.0+ interface. The LG V30 will be debuting on August 31 during the pre-IFA 2017 trade show.