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LG soon to come up with World’s First Triple-SIM 3G Smartphone

MediaTek-LGMediaTek recently announced that it has joined hands with LG to bring the very first triple-SIM 3G smartphones. Though LG already have a triple SIM feature phone called LG A290 with triple support, which was brought in India last year. LG was the initiator in launching dual SIM Android smartphones in 2012 with a dedicated SIM switch key which enables easy switching between the two SIM cards with Optimus Net Dual and the trend continued in the Optimus L Series and L Series II Range.

So we are expecting that the 3G Triple-SIM technology will allow the user to use all the three SIM cards at the same time. Users will be able to receive calls, transmit data, send text messages and remain in standby mode simultaneously without consuming additional battery power.

The company did not share any other detail about the chipset or modem which will be utilized in the upcoming Triple SIM 3G smartphones by LG, except that the smartphones will have a built-in user interface which can be used to directly adjust or shut down the multi-SIM function.

No word was shared by any of the two companies on when we will actually get to see these triple-SIM 3G smartphones but we are expecting it at the upcoming MWC in the next L Series range.

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