March 5, 2021

LG Electronics announces new optical storage M-Ready Drive

LG Electronics today announced a new optical storage innovation with Millenniata. LG is at the forefront in he industry by being the first manufacturer of optical devices incorporating this new technology. The Drive can keep the information stored as long as more than 100 years without suffering adulteration and LG optical devices are designed to work with M-DISC TM.


The new drive technology uses M-DISC’s DVD-R discs whose surface recording is “as hard as rock” which is burned by much powerful laser leaving information unchanged, regardless the action of time, or agents external.

According to Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Head, LG India, “LG’s M-Disc optical drives is the new standard in optical storage. With M-Disc, one can store the data for lifetime. With this technology, one can store the data for upto 100 years with any tarnishing. LG has been the first one to score this technology and only LG drives can support M-Disc.

He further added, “M-Ready Drive safely and securely protects all your vital office documents and precious family pictures or anything else you want to preserve for lifetime. M-Disc is constructed of organic, synthetic materials which cannot be overwritten, erased or corrupted by natural processes”.

Information preserved on current discs is not reliable to resist the passage of time or other factors that make this degraded and miss. That’s what LG and Millenniata offer through a new recording technology of optical drives designed to meet M-DISC TM DVD-R media. M-Ready Drive is available on LG DVD Drive and LG BD writers. M-Ready Drive preserves personal/family content on discs without data loss for a long time. It allow for engraving as pits on the M-DISC™, creating long lasting voids or holes by energized laser power of the drives.

The M-Disc uses a patented rock like recording surface instead of organic eye to etch your records. The unique materials used in the M-Disc require a new disc drive technology to engrave data on the surface. The M-Disc and the LG Super Multi-drive has been designed and optimized to work as one to scratch data into the permanent synthetic stone layers within the M-Disc.

LG’s Super Multi Drive is the one and only drive for burning the M-Disc and offers the best archival data storage solution. It is also backwards compatible with most DVD and BD writers.

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