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Letv’s Content Ecosystem Set To Disrupt Indian Market

The fact that India is the key market for Letv, a global technology conglomerate, has been reiterated by the letv_redcompany through its progressive updates on its India market entry. Letv is rumoured to hit the market with the launch of its Superphones bundled with local content giving users a first-of-its-kind experience at disruptive pricing. It is also reported that the company is in an advanced stage of talks with local partners. The partnership would entail acquiring locally relevant content, with the objective of creating an ecosystem experience for its Indian users. The company is expected to bring in key differentiators which can certainly be a game changer in the Indian market.

Letv has been improving user experiences and content delivery by implementing a series of marketing strategies, including extensive copyrights acquisition of famous TV shows and films as well as marketing and operations through a multi-screen strategy. Letv has acquired a huge content library which has more than 100,000 episodes of TV shows and over 5,000 copyrighted films in China. It is the industry leader in terms of quantity and quality of content, containing the most comprehensive and varied video library in the country.

To add to its extensive content collection, the company has established its own production house – Le Vision Pictures (LeVP) and also acquired Flower Film & TV. Letv has created new film production trends for the Internet era by roping in leading celebrities from the film fraternity in China as content creators. This includes some eminent names like:

  • TV Series Director – Zheng Xiaolong

  • Film Director, Screenwriter and Producer – Tsui Hark

  • Chinese Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Director and Talk Show Host – Gao Xiaosong

Letv’s unique O2O (online to offline) distribution system, content production and library have been major factors for the success of Le Content Ecosystem. Letv is a celebrated enterprise that maintains its popularity due to its stronghold on the content market and ecosystem. Letv is said to redefine the boundaries of media with its ‘Six Screens/One Cloud’ approach by delivering a premium content experience across every screen: mobile, tablet, computer, cinema, TV and soon electric cars.

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