Lenovo’s Smart Projector Yoga 7000 Unveiled With 2,400 ANSI Lumens Brightness & Dual 10W Speakers

Yoga 7000

Lenovo has unveiled its smart projector in China. Which has multi-options and something new this time. This smart projector Yoga 7000 has 8K decoding, 24,00 ANSI lumens, 3D streamlined and other top options. 

Yoga 7000, the projector has come with something new. And this will provide users of it with a number of advantages. There is no doubt that Lenovo’s projector from the Yoga family (Yoga 7000) has come with amazing options. If we talk about the price of Yoga 7000 it has not been told by the company yet. But the company has confirmed Yoga 7000 features at the May conference. The functions are absolutely about standing and will help users with its new features.

The design of the projector Yoga 7000 is built rounded from both sides. Users will get multiple options in this newly launched projector of Lenovo. However, this newly launched projector has options like optical zoom 0.47 inch DMD large size. The projector uses Osram’s four lamp brightness LED light source.

Where the projector Lenovo Yoga 7000 supports 8K decoding and uses dream sound effect atmosphere light. Yet, there are other options as well. That makes it effective enough to have such a smart projector. Moreover, the projector has an automatic shutter option as well. So, having all these best advantages of a project from Lenovo Yoga 7000 will provide users with a better user experience all the time. 

These all are absolutely outstanding options. Lenovo has provided this projector. Below are all the options that Yoga 7000 is providing.

Lenovo  Yoga 7000 The Smart Projector

  • 2400 ANSI Lumens.
  • 3D streamlined.
  • Automatic Shutter.
  • Dream sound effects atmosphere light. 
  • Optical zoom. 
  • Widened or decreased arbitrarily
  • 0.47 inch DMD large-size optical mirror chip.
  • 10W dual speakers.
  • The projector Yoga 7000 uses Osram’s four lamp brightness LED light source. 
  • Yoga 7000 supports 8K decoding. 

These are all the top options that Lenovo Yoga 7000 projector has come with. All these awesome options are absolutely outstanding. The best thing about this projector Lenovo Yoga 7000 is that. This is the first projector by the company and the sale of the projector Lenovo Yoga 7000 will be done in the coming month. 

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