January 24, 2021

Leica launches instant camera ‘Sofort’

cameraCamera maker Leica has launched an instant camera called Sofort. Leica Sofort is designed to capture the spontaneous moments in life and immediately share with friends and family.
Claimed to be different from other instant cameras in many ways, the adorable camera, as Wired calls it, has been created especially by the Leica design team in Germany, uniting the retro-modern magic of instant photography with what the company claims “the quality and originality of the Leica brand.”
To cover various photographic situations, there are numerous modes and options available on the camera. These include Auto, Party & People, Sport & Action and Macro, as well as creative programmes for multiple and timed exposures.
In addition, the Leica Sofort offers a special mode for self-portraits, as well as a self-timer with two different time delay settings. The camera also automatically adapts its settings, such as the exposure time and aperture as per the mode selected by the user.
In true Leica style, the camera takes advantage of available light for as long as possible when shooting in auto mode, without triggering the built-in flash – resulting in pictures with a more natural and authentic look. Furthermore, the flash can be left on automatic setting, or the photographer can choose to switch it on or off, depending on the nature of the pictures they wish to take.
For easier ‘selfies’, the Leica Sofort also features a rectangular mirror on the front, to ensure the perfect self-portrait every time.
The camera and film will hit Leica stores and dealers in November.