Lawyered launches CoWIN vaccine slot finder initiative

Lawyered launches CoWIN vaccine slot finder initiative

Lawyered launches CoWIN vaccine slot finder initiative

‘CoWIN vaccine slot finder’ is an initiative by Lawyered – a leading legal-tech platform – to help the citizens find vaccination slots in India quickly and easily. The tech-enabled platform is integrated with the government’s CoWIN portal and checks the availability of COVID-19 vaccine slots every 4 seconds.

Recently, the second drive of COVID -19 vaccination began for people between 18 and 45 years. However, with a steep surge in the demand, people are facing difficulties in terms of finding a slot available to their nearest area. Lawyered, being one of the most trusted legal tech platforms in India, has undertaken the initiative ‘CoWIN vaccine slot finder’ to benefit the community at large with a quick and easy search.

“Amidst the ongoing healthcare crisis, we have found a way to ensure safety for our citizens in a hassle-free manner. Our CoWIN vaccine slot finder initiative makes the process to find vaccine slots much easier with real-time updates. In this time of the pandemic, it is our duty to extend the technology benefit to help the community at large. ,” commented Himanshu Gupta, Founder & CEO of Lawyered.

To track the vaccination slot, a user has to enter their details and select the area & dose and click search. With the successful registration, the users will get real-time on-screen updates with sound alerts that are refreshed every 4 seconds. Once the user is updated with the availability of the slot, they can make an instant booking by using the CoWIN portal in a separate window. Over 5237 users across 77+ districts have benefitted through this initiative so far, and more and more people are using this service everyday to find a suitable vaccination slot instantly.

With the second wave of COVID-19 sweeping across the country, people are battling with several challenges not just limited to getting the treatment. With a vision to create a legally empowered world, Lawyered, through this initiative, is providing free legal services to people who are victims of hoarding, black marketeering, overcharging, fraud, misinformation, medical negligence & malpractice among others.

“We are excited to bring our flagship service free of cost for the benefit of the community aggrieved by immoral acts during these tough times. Over 25% of the users have sought legal help with Covid related matters through this initiative. We are extremely thankful to our platform lawyers for extending this help to the community”, commented Himanshu.

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