By taking a hybrid cloud approach, IT teams are becoming more agile and efficient – Prashanth G J, TechnoBind

Prashanth, CEO TechnoBind

Prashanth, CEO TechnoBind

TechnoBind is the first Specialist Distributor in the Indian IT channels space, offering a hybrid distribution model placed synergistically between broad-based and niche distribution, to deliver high business value for its reseller partners. Recently, Team IT-Voice had an opportunity to interact with the CEO of TechnoBind, Mr. Prashanth G J. Here is an excerpt from the conversation covering various topics.

Prateek: With new work culture dynamics emerging, cyberattacks have also increased drastically. What has been your strategy to safeguard the interests of your clients?

Prashanth: The current pandemic has changed the habits and work routines of millions. Thanks to the tech developments and improved connectivity employees can work remotely from almost any part of the world. However, these tech developments are like a double-edged sword and come with cyber risks. Cyberattacks have definitely increased – multiple folds.

While everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, TechnoBind is committed to supporting partners in helping their customers adapt to this new way of working.

In the initial days of lockdown last April, we implemented Secure Access for many customers across segments who realized traditional VPN solutions are not protecting them adequately with the latest risks when employees were working from home. We also helped many customers implement Remote Access helping IT teams support employees remotely thereby ensuring continuity of work at all times.

I was also glad to see the massive adoption of endpoint backup solutions for customers who wanted to protect the corporate data residing on the employees’ laptops.

What was heartening to see was these solutions were applicable across the board – regardless of the verticals or the size of the organizations. This only goes to show that when it comes to managing data and the associated cybersecurity risks, everyone needs it.

Prateek: How is TechnoBind affected by the pandemic and how has the company cope up with the challenges?

Prashanth: Practice what you preach is what is always said – and we at Technobind had already implemented all these solutions within the organization. In fact, when the sudden lockdown was announced in the 3rd week of March we were initially worried given that it was the quarter-end and more importantly the year-end. But to be frank we had absolutely no disruption. We did not feel any inconvenience and we went onto have our largest quarter ever last March which by the way got repeated again this March again.

Our solutions ranging from Collaboration Tools to Remote Access to a sophisticated data management strategy of our data on the cloud – we had it all within – like I said Practice what you preach.

Prateek: Recently hacker groups have targeted many organizations in India. What steps has TechnoBind and the associated vendors taken to shape up the cybersecurity space?

Prashanth: Sprucing up the security framework in a significant manner is the answer for sure. But it just does not limit to buying products and technologies alone. While revamping the security infrastructure will definitely benefit but companies must also look at it from the perspective of educating their employees on the security concerns and help them understand the potential risks. This way behavioral changes can be brought about in the employees which are equally important.

We have helped customers in our own little way by helping them on a particular aspect of this – which is remote access. We have equipped customers of ours with tools that help them securely access their remote infrastructure through our Secure Trusted Access tools. We have also helped customers implement quickly robust backup solutions of their endpoints which are turning out to be more vulnerable in these remote working times. Another area where we have helped organizations is that of getting their support teams to remotely support their customers sitting out of their residences instead of the NOCs and the support centers.

Prateek: How will the Hybrid Cloud help change the way businesses operate in the coming time?

Prashanth: As the old saying goes, “Adapt or die.” Businesses are often learning the hard way that if they don’t transform the way they interact with customers they risk losing to companies that move faster. In today’s rapid innovation in technology, companies need to adopt the same, hence digital transformation becomes a means of survival, as these technologies bring agility to business at a never-before scale and current cloud technologies provide the tools and infrastructure to be the catalyst for this change.

Hybrid is a new set of technologies and IT operating models reshaping how organizations across different industries will function now and in the future. It’s enabling businesses to meld on-premise, private and public cloud capabilities, and allowing them to share data and migrate apps between different clouds. By taking a hybrid cloud approach, IT teams are becoming more agile and efficient as they manage through changing business needs. It has the bigger potential in helping drive the changing work dynamics. Cloud computing emerges as an essential technology with the need to access critical applications and infrastructure scalability. Hybrid cloud architectures are gaining momentum, ensuring organizations have better security, data access, and visibility in the coming years.

According to Mordor Intelligence, The hybrid cloud market has experienced significant overall growth in the past few years compared to other cloud services. The research firm expects the hybrid cloud market to grow from USD 45.70 billion in 2019 to USD 128.01 billion by 2025.

Prateek: Are there any products lined up for the launch in the coming time?

Prashanth: Yes, we have 3 more technologies lined up for launch in the coming weeks. This in addition to what we already have in terms of Collaboration, Secure Access and Remote Access, and Endpoint Backup will ensure we will be able to support our partners to help customers smoothly layout their WFH strategies.

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