Launch of Redmi Note 10

Redmi Note 10 is reported to be in the works, and the latest leak has given some hints regarding the phone might have a primary camera of 108mp. It is rumored to be the 1st Redmi smartphone to have such a high-resolution sensor. The same hint has been given from the Chinese microblogging platform that a not known handset may be armed with a sensor of 108. Another hint suggested that the expected Note 10 series may arrive with M2007J17C as the model number. Also, the new Redmi Note 10 may be presented in the Chinese market sometime this October.

There has a cryptic post on the famous Chinese website stating about the smartphone going to have a 108-mp of primary camera with the model number ending at ‘J17′ and it will also accompany a macro lens. Although there has been no mention of the phone’s name thus the company has left it open for interpretation.


Image from Redmi


A different post has hinted that the smartphones may have M2007J17C as the model number. As per some industry sources, there have been some speculations that the model number has belonged to the Redmi’s brand and it is very much likely that the brand will be Note 10. Moreover, the post adds that the smartphone is desired to be launched in this year’s October.

Also, the Redmi Note 10 will indeed get a big leap from the Redmi Note 9 which comes fortified with a quad-camera setup of 48mp. At the back, the new smartphone is likely to come with multiple cameras, but the main sensor will have a 108mp of the primary camera.

There has also been some news regarding the new note 10 will be a rebranded version of the Mi 10T Lite. There has also seen the same model number to describe the new smartphone whereas the M2007J17G was linked to the Mi 10T Lite. Redmi has been quiet about the launch but more details will follow when there is a launch date of the Note 10.