LAPCARE India Announces Unique Protection Plan for its Selective Product Portfolio for FREE!

logoKnown worldwide for laptop peripherals and accessories for all  premium brands of laptops across the globe, LAPCARE India announced the first?ever unique protection program — LAPCARE Protection Plan  LPP) on batteries, adaptors and car  power inverters. LPP covers the damage of equipment that is malfunctioned by use of any of  battery, adaptor and car power inverter.
On the occasion, Ms. Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head, LAPCARE India, said, “We have been  delivering international quality products in India for decades and enjoy a loyal client? base. We  are extremely happy and proud to introduce this unique LAPCARE Protection Plan that will  assure our customers of LAPCARE battery, adaptor and car power inverters. If they face any  problem with our product, it will be immediately repaired or replaced free of cost across the  country.”
“The cars or any other vehicles will not be covered under this protection plan. But in case of car  power inverters, only the products that are charged by it will be covered. “We will indemnify  the customer the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged equipment due to the use of  LAPCARE battery, adaptor or car power inverter in respect of claims and applicable only in India” Ms. Bosman further added.
To file a claim, the customer would have to call the toll free number 18001200852; email at or visit the company website within two days of damage occurrence providing with the original receipt for smooth running of the process.  Details including the date of occurrence, city and name of the dealer, distributor from where  the product was bought and equipment details that were damaged by use of the product need  to be provided for inspection purposes.